Friday, January 1, 2010

First Time Post: Mount Hood!

Hello everyone! Nick Goepper here and this is my first time posting on this blog so i'm going to keep it short and sweet. My latest adventure throughout the month of December has been through Mt Hood Oregon and Breckenridge Colorado. I trained at Windells camp in Mt Hood for a week and a half before heading to Breckenridge for the first stop on the Winter Dew Tour.

This was my Canadian roommate I stayed with at Windells Mike Mochan. We had a lot of fun!

Here is me at the base lodge of Mt Hood Meadows resort. they had a real sick park and I learned a lot! Big ups to Mike Hanley for coaching me!

So off to Breckenridge! The drive from Windells to Breck was long and grueling.... Lots of boring van talk and fast food was to be had. We did make a couple pitstops worth while though.We got to see Mt St. Helans from a distance and stopped to see Jossi Wells and his family in Breckenridge! It was fun to meet one of my role models!

I ended up having an amazing experience at Dew Tour! I suffered a concussion 2 days before the competition but I landed my run in qualifiers and placed 20th of 50 riders! Unfortunately they only qualified 10 riders but I was still satisfied! Im back home now but heading back out to Windells on the 4th. More updates coming soon! Check back for more!

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