Wednesday, May 11, 2011

West Coast Sessions 5

West Coast Session 5 went off with a bang this year. Some of the best skiers in the world all congregated near Mt. Hood Oregon to session one of the sickest parks/jumps in the world for 4 days. The outcome was spectacular. This year was the best West Coast Session to date. I hope it never goes away! Enjoy the photos and videos of the amazing experience.

 Me and my good friend Jared Karon standing under the jump. I'm on the left.

Mute Grab!
The Banger..

Videos, Day 3 and Day 4

West Coast Session 5 Day 3 from Evan Heath on Vimeo.

West Coast Session 5 Day 4 from Evan Heath on Vimeo.

Big Thanks to Timberline ski resort, Ethan Stone, and Brandon Pastucka for putting on an amazing event!