Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mount Snow Open and Dumont Cup

Had a great couple weeks here in upper New England. First, the Windells Academy traveled from Portland Oregon to Mt. Snow Vermont for the Mt. Snow Open. Mt. Snow Open was super fun. After that we drove in our sick rental car to Sunday River Maine for the 2nd Annual Dumont Cup. I was super stoked on my performance there. Pictures and a video to come soon on the event. Check back!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Newspaper Article and Fundraiser

Hey guys! Just a quick update. I recently had an article done on me in my local newspaper the Cincinnati Enquirer. It was a really cool opportunity for me! Here a quick link for you guys to check out.

Here are a few pictures of the article in the paper.

I got to be on the front page! i was so excited when my mom told me that.

For all the folks in my neighborhood, I will be doing a fundraiser for my efforts at Larosas Pizzeria right next to the Greendale Cinema in Greendale Monday the 5th of April. 15 percent of all the proceeds that night will go towards my skiing cause and education. There will be a silent auction auctioning off some of Speedy Peterson's things. If you dont know who Jeret Speedy Peterson is, then let me tell you! He is the American Olympic Aerialist that won 2nd place at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. There will be items at the silent auction provided by him.

There will be another update coming soon from my next competition in Mount Snow! Check back for more!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Aspen Open, Mt. Hood and Winterpark Open.

Time has gone by so fast! This winter has been so crazy it has gone by like a freight train! Well after my adventure in Mount. Snow at the Dew Tour, the Windells Academy skiers met up in Aspen Colorado for the Aspen Open. Aspen Open was a really fun competition. There was a lot of talent there from around the U.S. Aspen Open is a fairly big freeski competition and attracts a lot of talent from around.

The first day of training went really well. I landed my runs and did my double on the last jump. When qualifiers rolled around the next day it was a pretty sketchy. Weather all day was really snowy and windy and bad. Nobody was clearing the jumps that day. I was in the last heat and when my runs came up, it started snowing really hard. I took my first run and caught a gust of wind on the first jump in the course and came up short and crashed. My second run I came up short on the second jump but landed and since no one was making the jumps I was hoping i would get a good score so I could qualify. At the end of the day I ended up not qualifying but I wasnt to upset considering the conditions.

Following Aspen Open, Windells Academy headed back to Mt. Hood. We were at Mt. Hood for about 2 and a half weeks before we took off to Winterpark. I bruised my rib really bad in Aspen on the last day. That put me on hold for a while back at Mt. Hood. I couldnt ski I was in so much pain. After I got over my bruised rib I proceeded to get a really bad cold which put me out for even longer! As a result, training in Mt. Hood before Winterpark Open was minimal. I did get some in though. Here are some pictures of a good training day.

So after being at Mt. Hood for a couple weeks, we were off to the WinterPark Open in WinterPark Colorado. WinterPark was one of the neatest places I had been this year. The resort itself was super nice and the people there were really cool. The slopestyle course was what stood out! It consisted of 2 rail features and 5 jumps. Training day went really well for me except for a few spills I took trying new tricks but other than that I did really well. When qualifications came the next day I was feeling pretty good, but I didnt feel on top of my game. My first run I did really sloppy and didnt ski well through the course. Second run, I kicked myself in the butt and put it into overdrive and skied super well! I landed all my jumps and did a new trick and landed! I was really happy but I ended up not making finals but I was ok with that. I was just stoked on my run that I landed.

WinterPark is now just a competition in the past and we are headed back to Mt. Hood at the moment. I am currently writing this from my buddy Eric Hughes house in Park City Utah where we are staying for the night. Hopefully I ill be getting a digital camera soon so i will be able to publish a lot more pictures.