Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update: Big Bear and Mt. Snow

Nick Goepper here blogging from Mt. Snow Vermont at the Winter Dew Tour. Ive been having a ton of fun these past couple weeks and its been an amazing experience!

Our journey to Big Bear Mtn California was one for the books. It took us in the Windells Academy van a total of 23 hours of car time because of the amounts of snow we encountered. There was 4 to 5 feet of fresh new snow in the town Big Bear when we arrived.

The first day we were there me and my friends found a middle school up the street that was snowed in and skied off the roof! There were snow drifts all the way up to the top of the gutters so me and my friends put our skis on and side stepped all the way up to the top of the building. After we did it once, there was a security guard that saw us and kicked us out which was the only downside.

Following Big Bear we Drove Back to Windells. I chilled out for 4 days and then flew out to Mount Snow Vermont for the Dew Tour with my Coach. My coach managed to get me into the Dew Tour at Mount Snow which was pretty cool. Competing in Dew Tour was a great experience. I managed to land both of my runs and placed 21st out of 25 in prelims. Only 10 qualified but at least i beat 4 people! Here is a photo.

We are on our way back to Mt Hood now in the Airport so ill see you later!

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