Friday, June 4, 2010

Grenade Trip downtown Portland

So last Wednesday it was raining up on the mountain and we couldnt ride so the Windells Academy decided to take a trip to Portland to visit Grenade! We left our house at about 9 a clock and took the freeway to downtown Portland where Grenade is located. We arrived and the general manager gave us a tour of the office!

The general manager showing us around the office

Sticker printing machines

Huge Grenade hat!!

Grenades new shoes that they just came out with


New student Jared getting the shot


Huge paper mache gloves

After leaving Grenade with arms full of free stuff, we toured around downtown Portland to go to some cool places.

Voodoo Donut

Small boat

Yeah son..

After Voodoo Donut, we walked down the boardwalk by the river.


Huge barge going under the bridge

We wrapped up the day with a night of poker! So far I am the reigning champ! Many more games to come this summer. See ya!

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