Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

All is well back in Oregon at the Windells Academy! I arrived in Portland last Wednesday to blue skies, pristine skate parks, and awesome skiing at Windells. Being back out here is awesome! School has officially started and all the students, including me, are super stoked for the year ahead of us. We have about 4 times as many students than we did last year which is great! That means more people to socialize with! I have been skateboarding a ton lately and jumping on the tramp. The mountain is incredible. We have a private park all to ourselves that we get to hike every day for 4 hours. We get the superstar treatment every morning by getting to ride in a snow cat ride up to the park since all the lifts are closed. This weekend we took a trip to the coast to relax, surf, and hang out. Tomorrow starts a full week on snow! Boy am I ready for the season to come! Here are some photos.

Short Sands Beach!

We found some starfish!

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