Monday, December 20, 2010

Colorado Re-Cap

Greetings from Colorado. I'm writing this from the Allen's house in Denver, a family I am residing with for the evening. Dew Tour went fantastic. I wish mother nature would have cooperated with my qualifying run, but aside from that, I had a great time. On the second kicker in the slopestyle course, I managed to hit a gust of wind and come up short of the landing. As you could predict, Dew Tour is always a zoo of people and athletes.

How it works is there are 60 competitors in the qualifying round divided into two heats. They take 5 skiers from each heat and then the 3 next best scores to pre-lims. I placed 6th in heat 2! Despite the near miss to pre-lims, I still managed to get some excellent training in and I learned a couple of new tricks. Since I qualified only one spot out, that puts me in a great position to get a wild card for the next two stops. I will be traveling to Killington and Snowbasin just in case I'm able to compete.

Here is a quick little edit I composed of a couple days of skiing at Keystone after qualifications. 

2 Days at Keystone from Nick Goepper on Vimeo.

 As of now, I'm flying back home tomorrow for Christmas. There are still many competitions to come this year! Keep tuned! 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Colorado Update

........BOOM!........BOOM! That's is the sound I hear every morning when I wake up in Breckenridge, Colorado. What sounds like extremely loud thunder is really ski patrol setting off explosives doing avalanche control up on the mountain. It sure is a nice wake up call! Our cozy house in Breckenridge is the perfect place to unwind after a day of shredding. Equipped with a hot tub, fully stocked kitchen, and free wifi, it sure is great. To the right is a fox that was sleeping on our porch this afternoon!

 Colorado has been going well so far. I've skied the parks at Breckenridge and Keystone the last week preparing for the Dew Tour. Open qualifiers start next Wednesday and are going to go off! They are almost done building the slope style course on Freeway Terrain Park. Practice is scheduled to start on Tuesday. I can't wait to get a taste of the that adrenaline that Dew Tour offers! For now, I'm playing it cool in the gondola. Stay tuned.