Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bye Tahoe, Hello Vermont

Reno airport isn't the most exciting place in the world. A few slot machines, some bad restaurants, and really ugly carpet is all that it really services. Although, it is fairly quiet nice to lay out and relax. Today is my last day in Lake Tahoe and marks my first day on my journey to Vermont for the 2nd stop of the Winter Dew Tour. I'm pretty bummed that we're leaving Cali, I really enjoyed it. Nice weather and beautiful mountains are a perfect combination. As I look out the window of the airport, it really hits me that we're about to venture to the ICE Coast, a place of poor weather and tiny mountains.

We're flying into Columbus, Ohio tonight and then driving to Mount Snow, Vermont to train for a week before the Dew Tour. Although it is called the ICE Coast, I always manage to have a good time there. The parks are fun and the people are always stoked. It should be a good trip. I'll blog again when we arrive in Vermont.

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