Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Surfing Trip!

Hey Nick here from Windells Academy and last weekend on Sunday we took a surfing trip to the Oregon Coast. It was super super fun and I hope we get to do it again!

So Sunday we woke up around 6 AM and jumped in the Windells van with the crew. I claimed the back seat and brought some pillows and a sleeping bag and slept most of the way of the 2 hour trip to the coast. We stopped at McDonalds on the way though which was refreshing (not).

As we approached the coast, we were driving through the trees and could see the coast. I usually go to North Carolina every year with my family to the beach but boy did Oregon look nothing like North Carolina! There were huge rocks sticking out of the water everywhere! The scenery was amazing!

We soon got there and parked our van and got the surfboards out to go shred. When we put our wet suits on on the beach it was the hardest thing ever! I had never put on a wetsuit before. It was pretty un comfortable to but you got used to it eventually. It was also pretty cold. Everybody else chickened out on surfing but me and Jamison from the Academy.

Attempting to put on the wetsuit

Practicing our stand-ups on the surfboards

Me, Jamison, and Mike Hanley getting ready to go catch the big Kahuna

The first have of the surf expedition in the water was a bit difficult. The water was so cold! I just tried riding the whitewater a few times to get the hang of standing up. I probably spent 80% of the time battling the waves to get out to actually catch them. It was actually kind of scary because they were a lot bigger then what I was used to.

At the end of the day I had had a few successful rides. My best one was at the end of the day on my last wave in. I was pretty stoked. I had taken a lot of pounding from the surf but It was worth it. Surfing is so much fun!

Marching in from the surf after a day of shredding.

The Crew

When we were packing up to leave, we took a little adventure over the the rock by the beach. I saw my frst will starfish! it was just chillin there on the rocks. So cool! Hopefully we have another surf trip coming up soon.

Peace out!


  1. ahh i love the coast!!! your gonna have to hit me up this summer! i am at hood river all summer so ya (801-430-5115) hope all be good!

    - Ben Moisen

  2. dude the oregon coast is sooo fun