Friday, November 5, 2010

Newberg Skate Trip

This Wednesday we took the day off skiing and took advantage of the nice weather to take a skate field-trip. We rose early as usual and gobbled down breakfast eager to get to Newberg public skate park. Newberg was about an hour and a half drive away, half of which I slept through. When we arrived at the park we were amazed. We were blessed with perfect weather! 70 degrees and bluebird!? In November!? You have got to be kidding me mother nature. Newberg is one of the coolest parks in Oregon. A combination of quick trannys, tight bowls, huge quarter pipes, and endless lines makes it unique. We sessioned for a couple of hours before we got in the vans to head back to camp. Here is a quick video of a train through the deep-end section of the park...

The day ended quicker than everybody had anticipated. Time flys when your having fun!

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