Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving break is upon us!

Thanksgiving break is approaching and I know most of you are itching to get out of the classroom or workspace! I am excited to get home to see my family as well.Thanksgiving is a time of fellowship and relaxation with the ones you love, no matter who that may be. I hope you are all planning to cook up a delicious turkey to enjoy next Thursday with your family. I know I am!

Things have been pretty mellow here at Windells the last two weeks. After our trip to the Newburg skatepark, our good weather spell disappeared from Oregon and we started to get pounded with rain. The good thing about rain at Windells is that when it's raining here, it's hammering snow at the mountain! We just got pounded with our first real winter storm of the year. It dropped about two feet last night and is going to continue to drop more snow throughout the rest of the week. The mountain has been closed the last couple of days because of the lack of snow, but opened up today for business after the snow we received last night. Pow Day! I have never skied this much snow in my life! There was about two feet of freshly fallen snow at Timberline this morning. I busted out my pow skis and shredded lines with my boy Jared Karon all day at T-Line. I've been experimenting a little bit with my style (laughs) and busted out some tight pants today also:)

I'm hopping on a plane tomorrow at four in the morning to head back to the midwest. Can't wait to get home!

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