Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last stop of the Dew Tour approaching the horizon...

Hey everybody,

Nick here, checking in from Park City Utah. This is my second day on snow in Utah this season and it was sick! I arrived here two nights ago from X Games in Aspen Colorado. Unfortunately, I was not able to compete in X Games seeing that I was an alternate for slopestyle, but I had fun! It was my first time  experiencing X Games live in person. I have always watched it on TV growing up and it was unbelievable to actually be there. The next few days will be spent training here at Park City and then practice starts this Tuesday for the last stop of the Winter Dew Tour in Snow Basin, the Toyota Championships. I think I'm going to make an edit with some friends in Park City over the next few days so be on the look out for that.

For now, here is a little throwback edit. This was my first ever promo that I made at the age of 12.


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  1. Hey Buddy practice starts Wednesday......but if your nice i will let you take a run through on Tuesday from 11-1pm