Saturday, March 5, 2011

Winter Park Openn baby

Hello all,

I apologize for not keeping the blog updated in so long. A combination of a small injury, and an uneventful 2 weeks are to blame for that. The blog should be back in full swing now though. I'm feeling much better since my little concussion 2 weeks ago at the Dew Tour and I'm skiing fairly well. Today was my first time competing since I hit my knoggen. I managed to slide into 5th place at the inaugural Winter Park Freeski Open today. I took it pretty easy in the contest and decided to save my body for my trip to the European X Games in 4 days. As of now, I'm starting to mentally and physically prepare for Euro X. It should be a great trip. Check back on the blog for updates from Europe!   

Here's a quick photo of me and fellow Windells Academy Student Jared Karon chilling in our hotel room.

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