Saturday, March 19, 2011

Exhausted but Stoked

Taking a six hour bus ride through the alps packed in like sardines with people isn't the most comfortable journey in the world. And on top of that, having to pay thirty dollars for dinner at the airport hotel that same day isn't the most comforting feeling either. Me and my coach Mike are exhausted. We left Tignes France this morning at 12:30 via bus ride and arrived in Geneva Switzerland at 6:30. Our plane departs tomorrow for the states at 10:30. I'm sitting in my hotel room right beside the Geneva airport reminiscing on how great of a week I have had in Europe. The European X Games experience has been surreal. I'm definitely looking forward to coming back next year. I don't think I have ever eaten so much good food in one week before. The French sure know how to cook. I'll be doing another post soon with TONS of photos from Tignes. Don't take the creepy picture to the right to seriously haha.

The next step is the Dumont Cup in Sunday River Maine. We're flying to the East Coast and will be there for a week and a half enjoying some New England hospitality. More posts surely to come. I love New England. Cheers

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  1. Hey Nick,,,waz up? Ok now you saw X Games and just like you did at Dew Tour you had to see it to now soon OWN it...and visit the podium like i saw you do at Dew Tour,,,,so good job at X you saw it and after that fall i think ya did GREAT...and didnt get hurt so i dont have to kick your butt...So have fun at Dumont Cup sorry i wont b there but do the Vo Do that You do so WELL!!!!!