Monday, July 18, 2011

D.O.D. (Dear Old Dad)

Hey everyone. These past few days have bee great. Why have they been great you might ask? Well my dad came to visit me in Oregon! Pops made the trip out from Indiana to Oregon for three days to hang out with me at Windells. I had to show him around though because he had never been to Windells before. We went on a couple hikes, explored the city if Portland, and enjoyed scenic views of Mt. Hood.

Here's dad enjoying his first time on Mt. Hood.

Dad had fun. I'm glad he got to enjoy the Oregon experience!

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  1. Dad looks overwhelmed, probably from the cool weather. Read that quite descriptive March 10th ESPN piece, WXE rookie to watch: Nick Goepper, lays it all out. Also sounds like you have been injury free, that has to be a plus. I'll keep watching, sounds like you are on the right path! Uncle Bob