Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Powder Day and West Coast Sessions Peek

Its Tuesday, May 4th and West Coast Sessions film shoot is right around the corner here at Mt. Hood. The features are being built and the crews are getting stoked for a week of shredding. Today was a powder day so Windells Academy kids got out there pow boards and shredded 10 inches of fresh powder at Timberline resort. Here are some pictures of the epicness.


For those of you skiers who will be checking out all the West Coast Session's edits or attending the event, here is a sneak peak of some of the features in the big park.

They have put a lot more pop on all the jumps which is good.

There is a flat down rail, an up box, and a super gnarly gap to propane tank jib that you can see in the distance.

Here is a down flat down and a down rail at the end of the park.

The last feature in the big park is a gap to rail/wallride that is pretty big.

Here is a litle video of sliding the up box on my pow skis.

Check back for more updates on West Coast Sessions.

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