Friday, May 21, 2010

Windells Academy Southern California Trip

Yo! So if you have seen any recent posts, you would know that the Windells Academy had just wrapped up West Coast Sessions on Mt. Hood and took a trip to Southern California! We had originally planned to go to Mexico but due to some financial issues, it was not a possibility. But So-Cal was just as sick!

West Coast Sessions wrapped up on Saturday and we headed out the following Monday. There was a total of 8 people that went along for the trip. Me, Armond Oberoi, Jamison Skinner, Alex Anderson, Nolan Roe, Lyman Currier, and coaches Mike Hanley and Matt Doman. Our first stop was Santa Cruz. The drive was long and grueling but eventually after 12 hours of drive time, we arrived at our destination. There was a really mellow surf spot where we stayed called Cals. We stayed at a house right down the street. A little sunset sessions at Cals was in the mix that night also. The following morning we packed up our things and drove five hours to our next stop. Just north of Malibu was another surf spot called Leo Koreo. A public campground right across the street was our quarters for the night.


Armond Oberoi

Waking up the Following morning after sleeping in the van ( the tents were extremely uncomfortable ) me and Lyman went on a little adventure on the beach.

This is where we surfed, you cant tell but there were some perfect waves out there!

The bros!

Lyman and Armond doing some extreme rock climbing.

The beautiful California Coast

Who is that goon?

A cool rock formation that we found

Some beach critters

Back at the campsite, the squirrels were totally down with us feeding them

Surfing that day was really fun. I caught some good waves. That afternoon we un-pitched the tents and drove a half hour down the road to Central Malibu. Malibu is crazy! So many super nice homes! We arrived in Venice about a half hour later and walked the Venice Boardwalk! That was one of the more crazy experiences of my life! Here are some pictures.

The Boardwalk

Yeah there were some pretty lame houses there...not!

Sittin on the pier fresh in my white tee..

Here are some of the oddities of the boardwalk

Snake man

Playing guitar on roller skates man

Tin man

This was a really cool shop that sold metal sculptures

The Venice skatepark


Following Venice we drove 45 minutes to Hunnington Beach. On our drive we went through LA! We saw Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hollywood, and other cool places. We drove down sunset boulevard and saw 3 Rolls Royce's on one street!! A Roof Inn was the choice of accommodations for the night (which was nice). The next day we spent at Knotts Berry Farm theme park in Hunnington. Here are some photos.

The theme park was all Western Themed. This is the Silver Bullet Roller Coaster.

You dont want to know how much this funnel cake cost...

Me and Lyman

We drove down to the Beach after Knotts and did some surfing.

The sunset on the beach

That night was spent at the infamous Mid evil Times! It was so epic! I cant even explain it you just have to see it for yourself! Anyways... the next day was spent all day at Newport beach. We surfed, grilled out, and got sunburned all day long... That following night we began our journey back home. 18 hours later, we are back at Windells!

The Crew!

What a trip!

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