Sunday, May 23, 2010

Windells Bag Jump and Rail Line Progress

Here at Windells, summer sessions are right around the corner and hell is about to break loose with stoked campers ready to progress! The construction of the on-campus dry slope rail line and bag jump is going to progress kids beyond comprehension. The bag jump is going to have 2 dry slope takeoffs. One that is smaller for amateurs and a big side for the experts ready to chuck big tricks. The rail setup is going to have 4 rails total on the hill and more that are interchangeable ready to get shredded. Here are some photos.

Construction on the foundation of the bag jump

Steel framework for the dry slope

The rail line slope

Rails for the rail line

Roller coaster rail for the dry slope

DAN THE MAN SKIVINGTON! The man the myth the legend, the brains behind the operation making it happen!!

New Skullcandy tube for the mountain

Dan and Lyman

Keep checkin back for updates on the construction.

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