Sunday, May 16, 2010

West Coast Sessions

Its a bright and sunny day on the Windells Campus as me and some friends just got done riding the West Coast Sessions park and are hanging out. West Coast Sessions is an annual film and photo shoot on Timberline resort on Mt. Hood that happens every year. Many talented skiers from all over are invited to some and ski a specially built park and show off for the media. I was fortunate enough this year to participate. Here are some pics from from the West Coast Sessions experience.

Lyman Currier keepin it real

Coulter Brehmer gettin dirty with the skateboard

Tandem Cork Sevens by me and Lyman Currier

Double Cork 12 sequence by me on the big jump up top of Timberline.

The last day of WCS was amazing. Me and Lyman were invited to do a sunset photoshoot on the big jump up top. We got to ride in the snowcat up to the jump and made laps behind it. Here is my photo of the night from the shoot.

Cork Nine Double Tail

Another update coming soon with some coverage of the Windells Academy trip to southern Claifornia. Should be interesting! Check back!

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