Friday, April 29, 2011

Back To The (mt) HOOD!

These next few days are going to consist of EXCESSIVE pre calculus. I'm really far behind and in order to be school-free this summer, I need to catch up. The Red Bull camp last week in Squaw Valley was fabulous. Although, we didn't have very favorable weather, I had a ton of fun and got my foot in the door with red Bull. We did get two solid days on snow where I learned some new tricks and skied some halfpipe. I arrived in Portland Oregon two days ago to come back to Windells for a week. Next week we have the West Coast Sessions shoot planned at Timberline ski resort. West Coast Sessions is an annual film/photo shoot event held at Mt. Hood every year. Usually, a number of highly ranked skiers are invited out to participate and get shots. I participated last year and got to ski in my first ever sunset shoot! Hopefully the same thing will happen this year and we can produce some good results. They're building some crazy features for us on the mountain right now! Here is a shot from last year. Stay tuned for more coverage.

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