Tuesday, April 19, 2011

High Fives

This past weekend I participated in the Annual Volkl High Fives Trains event at Alpine Meadows in Lake Tahoe. It was probably one of the most fun contests I have done all year. Spring slush, sunshine, friends, and epic chicken wings make for a good time. High Fives is a local organization in Lake Tahoe dedicated to aiding injured or underprivileged skiers back to full time. They throw a big air contest every spring to help raise money for charity. The whole day is full of big tricks and big trains. Especially big trains. Here are a few photos from the experience and a video to enlighten you.

We were team purple! Nick Goepper, Jared Karon, Lyman Currier, and two other fellows.

Steadily gettin blunted (almost)
 Me and Lyman Currier having a blast. Tandem switch seven mutes. 

Screamin seamons anyone?

Team purple gettin inverted. You know how we do.

Right now I'll be at Squaw Valley for the next week training at the Red Bull performance camp. Expect big things! It's already off to a good start! (knock on wood)

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  1. Hey Buddy it was good to see you last week, see you in Hood next week...