Saturday, April 2, 2011

France Digitally Documented

I'd like to show you some awesome photos from my experience to France. I probably just looked like an ignorant tourist while taking most of these, but they'll provide good memories to come. Read the captions above the photos to inquire what they're about.

These are the alps from the aerial view of our plane, pretty small right?
 Lake Geneva

I wish my hometown in Indiana was situated in a landscape like THIS.
The remains of a mid evil castle. Pretty cool right?
The East facing slopes of Tignes, France form our hotel room.

Me and the renowned president of Windells Academy, Mike Hanley.

The Alps are kinda cool I guess...

The X Games Venues
You could have fit a whole 3rd grade class on these chairs.
If you know don't who Kevin Rolland is, he is a French halfpipe skier and is practically worshiped by his fans. Here they are staging a parade for him as he enters the town.
They have these things in France called funiculars and they are basically underground subways that take you to the top of the mountain. CRAZY. 

Top of the tram at Tignes, pretty cool view eh?

Flying back to the states, we passed over the frozen, ice capped waters of the norther Atlantic. I'd never seen the ocean like this before.

I'll be in Colorado for the next week or so shredding my face off with friends. Remember, don't forget to bring a towel! (south park tribute)

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  1. Well that looked like so much Fun over there,,,,sick Mt.s but i would miss the trees...did like the train to the top concept 4 sure...See ya up at Windells soon, i will be there the end of this month